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Earth Radiation Pressure model for GNSS satellites

Earth radiation (visible and infrared) has a small impact on GNSS due to the large distance between the satellites and the Earth. The effect on the orbits is mainly a reduction of 1-2 cm in the radial component, and smaller perturbations in the along-track and cross-track components. Despite the small magnitude of the effect it has been shown that it can partially correct the bias observed in the SLR residuals. Earth radiation pressure also has the effect of reducing the spectra at orbit related frequencies observed in ground tracking stations displacements.

We provide here (see downloads) an easy-to-use Earth radiation pressure model for GNSS satellites (GPS and GLONASS) that can be used within the IGS in the operational processing as well as for reprocessing. The Earth radiation pressure model has been developed within the IGS Orbit Modeling Working Group.



  • Rodríguez Solano, C. J.: Impact of albedo modelling on GPS orbits; Master Thesis, TU München, 2009, Download.
  • Rodríguez Solano, C. J.; Hugentobler, U.; Steigenberger, P.: Impact of albedo radiation on GPS satellites; Geodesy for Planet Earth, IAG Symposia, Springer, accepted, 2009.


Carlos Javier Rodriguez Solano