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Technische Universität München

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Institut für Astronomische und Physikalische Geodäsie

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Main Research Topics
  • Global and regional gravity field modelling from satellite and terrestrial data
  • Operational processing of ESA’s gravity satellite mission GOCE
  • Design of future gravity field missions concepts
  • Satellite sensor analysis
  • Mass transport processes in the Earth‘s system (ocean, atmosphere, ice, solid Earth)
  • Unification of height systems
  • Precise Global Positioning (GNSS Satellites)
    • Precise Positioning for Geodynamics
    • Inclusion of all Global Satellite Systems
    • Precise Orbit Determination for Low Earth Satellites
    • Comparison of Atomic Clocks using GNSS Satellites
  • Geodetic space techniques
    • Geodetic Fundamental Station Wettzell
    • Data Acquisition (20m Radio Telescope, Laser Telemeter, GNSS Antennas, Large Ringlaser)
    • Assure Stability of Global Reference Frame
    • Study of Variations of the Earth's Rotation


HRGMHigh-Resolution Gravity Modelingmehr
FutureGravity2014Consolidated science requirements for a next generation gravity field missionmehr
DLR@UniHigh-resolution geodetic Earth observationmehr
GOCE HPFGOCE High-Level Processing Facilitymehr
GOCE PDSGOCE Payload Data Segmentmehr
GOCOGravity Observation Combinationmehr
REAL GOCEReal data analysis GOCEmehr
IMPALAImproved Acceleration Modelling and Level 1 Processing Alternativemehr
1. Projekttreffenmehr
NGGM-DNext Generation Satellite Gravimetry Missionmehr
3. Projekttreffenmehr
2. Projekttreffenmehr
FGMFuture Mission Concepts for Satellite Gravimetrymehr
IMPLYImproved Modeling of non-tidal Mass Variations for optimized Gravity Field Analysismehr
GEOTOPSea Surface Topography and Mass Transport of the Antarctic Circumpolar Currentmehr
IMOSAGAIntegrated Modeling of Satellite and Airborne Gravity data of Active Plate Marginsmehr
HSUHeight System Unification with GOCEmehr
IMBIEIce Sheet Mass Balance Inter-comparison Exercisemehr